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The Tabby Project is a young foundation established by a team of like-minded people who believe that technology should not only be about profits – but about doing good. Giving access to better and innovative solutions for those who actually need them.

Tabby was founded to enable small and big charities to raise funds without asking any money donation from their followers and contributors.

Tabby is built upon a collaboration between non-profit organizations and advertising companies, so that whenever a new tab is opened by a user, the money that comes from viewing the advertisement shown, is forwarded to the charity chosen by the user.

The charities participating in the Tabby collaboration have been fully inspected and are supervised to ensure rightful use of the funds received, and in order to create a diversity of options for any user who would like to participate and contribute to a specific cause.

Together with you, we can gather additional funds that can make a significant contribution for charities all around the world.

All thanks to your small act of belief and today’s technology used in the right way.

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+1 347-370-3230

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A small step towards a better future

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